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SAY Good…to family, friends, neighbors, children, strangers.

“Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates.  Ask yourself,

  1. ‘Is it true?’

  2. ‘Is it necessary?’

  3. ‘Is it kind?’


~Sufi Saying

Say Good …To yourself.

The words we choose to narrate our day are powerful, they set the mood.

I can say to myself,

"I have to wash my dog."


"I get to wash my dog."

Either way ~ the dog needs a bath.

Which way do you think will be more fun?   It’s a choice.

say good.  do good.
be good.
DO Good… for family, friends, neighbors, children, and yourself.


“You may never know what results come from your action. But, if you do nothing, there will be no result.” 



Do what good you can.

As easy as picking up an overlooked piece of trash off the sidewalk… that isn’t even yours, or sweeping your neighborhood’s sidewalks…just because.

Grow flowers to share with your neighbors, family, friends and even a someone you don’t know. 

Bake cookies for your community helpers.

Share with others what you love to do.

BE good...

“There is a little compass within each one of us where we know what is right, what is just, what is good and what is true.”

~ Jean Vanier

We all have good within us.

Sometimes we just need a little reminder to bring it to the forefront…

say good do good be good.

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