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This Moment

It feels funny to be in this place again.

The world turned upside down by something invisible to the naked eye.

Which way is up?

Which line is straight?

What are the numbers in the news today?

The numbers of the tests, the face masks, the ventilators...

The numbers of the economy?

The numbers of the lives?

Are they up? Are they down?

It is a shock to the system.

I am not sick with the Covid 19.

I am grateful for this, I know I am lucky.

This morning it is quiet.

I chose not to look at my phone.

This morning I hear the voices of the birds.

They sound different.

It sounds like there are more. It sounds like there are new kinds of birds.

Have they always been here? On my street?

Or are they just moving in?

With their little bird suitcases filled with seeds and worms and maybe a soft bit of dandelion fluff.

This morning I am drinking my luke warm coffee.

My sweet dog, Steph, (looks to be the nephew of a Fennec Fox) curled up and sleeping at my feet.

My children are sleeping.

My husband is sleeping.

This morning the sun is softly shining through the window and I am enjoying watching the light and shadows play across the page as I write.

The fine hairs of my arm casting a shadow.

It rained yesterday.

This morning the leaves are shiny.

This moment, this moment right now, is good.

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