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I am so glad you’re here.

For as long as I can remember, I have been collecting rocks.

I really love them . . . their beauty, their weight and the way they feel in my hands. I wonder about their history, and in what way were they created.  Where did they come from?

These rocks and stones often find a way to my home.  They remind me of a part of my own story of where and when I found them . . . what I was doing, who I was with and how I felt.

In 2013 I was inspired to make my own rocks, out of clay. Why?

Long story short, I had a brainstem stroke in July of 2010.

During my hospital and rehabilitation time, I had a series of epiphanies that I am inspired to share with you.   

  1. The only thing I truly have control of is my attitude. ~I can choose to be a crabby pants or I can choose to be good humored. I chose the latter.

  2. I have nothing to fear.~What was I afraid of…I was afraid of not doing all the “shoulds” in life. I was hiding who I truly was.

  3. I gained an overwhelming sense of love for everyone and an understanding that each of us is on our own special life path.  ~It is pointless to compare or judge. We all have a story, no single one greater or less than another.

meet lilli

I felt as if I had a brand new, fresh brain.  It was a unique opportunity to “reboot”. There was a small part that was dead, but all sorts of new pathways were being created as I started to regain my abilities. I felt a new need to protect my brain and shield it from “ickiness”.  As I became acutely aware of my surroundings, I realized how much of what I felt and thought were affected by things in my environment that I was not even consciously aware of.  I noticed what my brain was taking in through all of my senses.  And, I decided to the best of my ability that I would surround myself with good.  I only wanted good stuff.

Why Say Good Do Good Be Good?

Because, for me, it is truly the only “should” there is in life . . . to say good do good be good.

These words, so simple and yet so powerful, apply to all of us around the globe. They transcend all borders, race, religion, age, education, culture and gender.

They are beautiful and ring a universal truth.

We all have good within us. It just needs to be brought to the forefront. With the reminder, Say good do good be good.

It is simple. It is fun. Give it a try.


Each Lillistone is handmade and unique.

First, I form them and stamp them with the words “say good do good be good”. Next, they are kiln fired and come back to my home to be glazed.  After glazing, they make their way back to the kiln for the final firing.  It’s at this final step where I personally number and label them.

I like to hide them around my town, neighboring areas, communities and places I visit like Easter eggs.  Each Lillistone is a little unexpected gift with its own identifying number.  To date, Lillistones have traveled many places in the United States, Canada, Scotland, England, India, Russia, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mexico.

I have learned, and continue to learn, so much in the process of creating these little stones. Not only from the nuts and bolts of physically making clay stones, but also to the realization that these stones, and these words, are now my life’s work.  And, they possess infinite possibilities. They serve as a trail marker.

They are my heart and North Star.

My little stones remind me of where I have been and who I am.

What do they remind you of?  I look forward to hearing your story.  Thank you for reading my story.



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