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lillistone #: 199

December 7, 2016

Where Found:  My Doorstep!

One lucky day I opened my front door and found a Lillistone with a note from Lilli inviting me to join a Circle. I didn't know what this was and was a bit hesitant, but was encouraged by a friend to try it. I attended my first circle meeting at Lilli's home and found a warm home filled with smells of fresh baked yams and warm inviting people. Lilli led a discussion that allowed people who didn't know one another to share stories of goodness including things they have done, seen or organizations where we can help. I have my Lillistone on my counter as inspiration to Say Good, Do Good and Be Good. I think of things discussed at the group, things I've noticed to share with the group and think of Lilli and her tireless efforts to spread the word and inspire goodness. Thank you Lilli for this amazing gift that will last a lifetime.



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