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lillistone #:120


December 14, 2016

Where Found:  Gift from Lilli

Lilli's stones bring me so much happiness! They are a reminder of what it means to simply "be" to be at ease, and peaceful. The more you send out good energy, the more of it will come back to you. Those words on the stone are words I try to emulate to my kids, and although I'm not perfect, it makes me feel so happy when I see them, in turn, follow those words. For example, my three year old kept saying, "say good, do good, be good" - on the potty! It was unprovoked, and yet so beautiful to hear those words from her. It's amazing - lately, she's been sharing more, and concerned about the needs of others. When she accidentally bonked heads with her sister, her first reaction was not, "ouch, I'm hurt!' - but rather, "how is my sister?" And, "I'm sorry." I truly feel that those words on the stone serve as a gentle reminder to indeed be good. This is one story I will not forget! Thank you, Lilli, for these stones. They are really remarkable and effect even the youngsters!

~ HW

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