"Be good."


Sure, it's cheesy.  But really...why not?  What's holding you back from spreading a little good in the world?  


Don't really buy into "good"?  Think it's antiquated?  Outdated?  

In this world of social media, the momentum of our society is turning to insults.  And hate.  And bullying.  But why?

And ever notice, that bad stuff feels...well...bad?

Nowadays, it's easy to be bad.  Especially anonymously.

But realize the effect:  the more "bad" people practice, the easier and easier it gets.  Soon, those attitudes and practices are going to get translated into everyday life, person to person, stranger to stranger.

What happens then?

Let's spread a little good in the world...

What things do you say to others?  To your friends, your family, your children, spouse, neighbors, strangers..?  

Do you make a habit of saying good things?  

Think about it.

What are you telling yourself?  Start to take notice.  See what things you say.  


Are they positive?  Uplifting?  Confident?  Kind?  



Does what you say make you feel good...or bad?

Now multiply it, because...

...it's viral.

Have you done something {good} today?

Why bother?


It helps other people and it feels good to you!  Ever notice that?  


It feels GOOD to do GOOD.

There's actually a reward for doing good...FEELING good.

What if a small group of people started spreading good, and ~

{good} went viral?

Would we have as much fighting?  Hopelessness?  Heartache?

What if everyone practiced doing good to each other?

What if we all made kindness a habit?

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  say good  
  do good  
  be good  
  what's the point?