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Have you found a Lillistone?  Or, maybe it has found you!

Just as each Lillistone is unique, like every person in the world, each stone has its own story.  It may be the travel it takes, how it is discovered or who shared it with you.

{tell your story}

Perhaps your Lillistone sparked an insight and created a discussion within your family. Or, simply provided a sense of grounding and direction.  The reach and ripple effect of a good story is infinite. It is our stories that connect us and help us create a community of warmth, trust and belonging. They give us a common ground based on good.

Because sharing is caring, we invite you to register your Lillistone and share your good.

Here’s what we’d love to know:

  • What is your Lillistone number?  {Turn it over. Each stone has its own number.}

  • When did you find your Lillistone?  {Approximate date.}

  • Where did you find it? {Location in the world.}

  • How did you feel after finding it?  

  • Did it remind you of a story of good you witnessed or experienced?

  • Did it motivate you to share the goodness within you?

Please share. Good spreads! Add a photo if you like.

{register your lillistone here}

Thanks for sharing your story.  We look forward to hearing about your Lillistone, and how it has made an impression in your life!

* The Tiny Print: By submitting your photo and story, you grant us permission to place on our website, share on our social media accounts and for use in marketing.

thank you!

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